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Eight Things You Might See From Our Chalets

1. Whales

22 species of whales visit the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador every year. Many of them are frequent visitors to Bonne Bay, including minke, fin, and humpbacks.

2. Birds

Gulls, eagles, cormorants, terns, and gannets are just a few of the species who call Bonne Bay home. Ask for a birding checklist at the Parks Canada Discovery Centre (Route 431) or Visitor Resource Centre (Route 430).

3. Tour Boats

From catamarans to zodiacs, here are the local companies offering tours on Bonne Bay:

  • BonTours
  • Gros Morne Adventures
  • Gros Morne.

4. Fishing Boats

Woody Point and many of the surrounding communities are still active fishing communities.

Depending on the season, you might see boats of all sizes that catch lobster, crab, cod, and halibut, just to name some of the delicious tasting seafood.

5. Gros Morne Mountain

It’s the second highest point on the island of Newfoundland (806 meters), and a bucket list hike for many of our visitors.

6. Cruise Ships

In a normal season (think pre-covid) we might see up to 10 cruise ships in Bonne Bay. We look forward to seeing these visitors return.

7. Kayakers and Stand-Up Paddleboarders

A favourite hobby for many of the locals. Usually in the morning, evening, or when the wind is calm these water enthusiasts can be spotted.

Ask one of the local operators about their tours or rentals:

  • Gros Morne Adventures
  • Gros Morne Outdoor Co.
  • Wild Gros Morne.

8. Moose

Although it’s rare to see, moose have been spotted on the beach or swimming. After all, who doesn’t love long walks on the beach?

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